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Thankful Thursday: Grateful For Cruise Control

Posted on: April 7, 2011

You will come to find that as you progress along your path the pace will, at times, remain consistent. That’s what automobile manufacturers call “cruise control.” Essentially, you have found the momentum you need to keep going forward so you subconsciously move along at that pace automatically. This is a good thing…so long as you’re actually moving forward at a decent pace.

What’s decent? That depends. Some people are actually comfortable accelerating rather quickly. Others need a more relaxed pace. What I consider to be “decent” is when you’re moving at a comfortably uncomfortable pace. By that, I mean you are pushing yourself forward without breaking yourself in the process.

Whatever that paceis, it will eventually set itself on cruise control. All you have to do is keep the momentum going. This has nothing to do with the times you’ll have to manually “drive” your goals (speed up or slow down). This only applies when things are running smoothly and your only job is to “stay the course.” (Did I just have a “Dubya” moment?! *shivers*) Shaking that off, when you’re cruising all you have to do is keep your goals in tact and your path on track.

There is nothing wrong with cruising along your path…IF you are cruising in the right direction. It won’t always be this way, so enjoy those moments when you are seemingly gliding towards your goal. They’re actually great stress relievers if you look at it in the right light. Nothing has gone wrong. Nothing is out of whack. Everything is as it should be, which is why you’re cruising. This is a good thing, grasshopper! This is a good thing!

Appreciate the moments when you are cruising forward. That means the manual labor you had to put in just before went well. It also means you should prepare for the next time you have to drive. Consider cruising to be your rest area. It’s a chance to stop, catch your breath, and think about your next turn. That way, when it’s your turn to drive you know exactly where to go and aren’t as affected by surprise potholes, detours, or dead ends. I totally just made this sound like a road trip! Well…in a way it is!

Enjoy the journey; just don’t get lost because you cruised too long!

Rockstarr ~ Over & Out


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