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Focus Friday: Watch Your Pace

Posted on: April 8, 2011

Now that we’ve discussed the reasons why it’s important to monitor your pace, it’s time to find your pace. The best way to gauge what speed works well for you is by trial and error. Start off with the speed you’re working at now. If things seem like they’re moving faster than you’re prepared for, slow it down a bit until you reach a reasonable pace. If you think you can handle more, then take things a step further and see how that feels.

Remember, you don’t want to move too fast or too slow, but you want to push yourself along at a compromising pace. I call it compromising because you need to be comfortable, but you also need to go that extra mile. One of the “hidden” goals during this journey is to grow yourself as a person. If you’re always completely comfortable then you’re not growing. If you’re slightly uncomfortable then you are stretching your limits. Regardless of what your goal is, you want to stretch yourself so you can handle more, give more, and receive more.

Yes, I’ve talked about being comfortable as a good thing…and it is…IF you are comfortably uncomfortable. Don’t throw yourself in the fire entirely. Make steps towards what you want so that you’ll grow yourself bigger in the process. The bigger you are (spiritually, mentally, intellectually, professionally, emotionally, every way but physically) the more you can handle. Being too comfortable will enable you and stifle you from growing. If your goals didn’t require some sort of growth from you they would have been accomplished by now. You have to put in that extra effort to get to your intended destination. It seems like a lot of work now, but hindsight is always 20/20. Once you reach that point, as you look back you’ll realize that it was all worth it.

Start gauging your pace today. Adjust it accordingly to fit you while also making you grow personally and professionally. Don’t let fear, doubt, worry, or any of those other negative feelings come into play when determining how fast or slow you should go. Your goals aren’t going anywhere so don’t feel like you have to rush. At the same time, don’t be so fearful of growth that you remain stagnant. You have these goals for a reason. You have your dreams for a reason. Get to them the best way you can: focused, in one piece, and at a pace that allows you to grow so you can go!

Rockstarr ~ Over & Out


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