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Thoughtful Tuesday: How Far Has Faith Brought You?

Posted on: April 12, 2011

You may not realize it, but faith has brought you through many times before. Even when you didn’t recognize it, you’ve always had faith in something. You’ve had faith that:

  • you wouldn’t fall out of the swing on the playground.
  • you could learn how to tie your shoe.
  • you would make it to the next grade.
  • you would not get in an accident driving.
  • you would have a meal today.

There are so many times when we just “know” that our outcomes will be desirable. You need to have that same level of faith in your goals. You have to know that you KNOW that you know the ending results will be what you desire. It may be difficult to muster up that kind of faith in the beginning, but when you find yourself challenged and can’t seem to see through the fog, think about the many times simply having faith has brought you through before.

The above examples are just the tip of the iceberg. I’m sure there are other more intense situations you’ve been through that faith has brought you through. There may have even been times when all you has WAS faith! What may seem second nature to you was probably backed by intense faith. Don’t believe me? Answer these simple questions:

How did you know you were going to wake up this morning?

How did you know you would be able to have breakfast?

How do you know you’ll make it through the day alive?

How do you know you won’t have a negative life altering experience?

How do you know you won’t lose someone you value?

The answer? FAITH! You had faith that you would be here to see another day. You had faith that you would be able to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You have faith you’ll be alive tonight. You have faith that your day will go smoothly with no negative life altering experiences. You have faith someone close to you won’t leave you.

That’s what it is…FAITH! All of these are perfect examples of simply having faith. It’s what you need to get through life; it’s what you need to get through your journey. Your motivation is fueled by faith. Although it’s nowhere near as costly as the prices at the gas pumps ($3.89…seriously?!), it can cost you dearly if you don’t have it!

Strengthen your faith muscles today by realizing and recognizing how far faith has brought you. Then have FAITH that it will take you further!

Rockstarr ~ Over & Out


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