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Thoughtful Tuesday: Make Your List

Posted on: April 19, 2011


I’m sure you need that right about now! Facing reality is usually quite painful, especially when you discover that the ones you thought were there for you were really only around for personal gain. It’s all good though. We got their number, and it’s about to be called out.

Now that you’ve conquered the reality of this dilemma, it’s time to begin the eviction process. The first thing you need to do is make a list of ALL the people who are NOT MUTUALLY doing the things you do for them. In order to get this list you will need to write down the names of EVERYONE you know. This goes for family, friends, colleagues, co-workers, etc. Anyone you communicate with needs to go on this list. Now I’m not talking about the small talk you make with the cashier or the jokes you crack with your favorite waitress. I mean those that you actually call/text/email/visit/see somewhat regularly. Those are the people who need to be on the list.

We’ll discuss what to do with that list tomorrow. For now, simply think about anyone and everyone that you deal with. Even if it’s on a monthly/bi-monthly basis. They REALLY need to be on the list. (If you don’t speak that often…why are they even around?) No one – and I mean NO ONE – is exempt! If you have children, they go on the list. If you have a significant (or in some cases a not-so-significant) other, they go on the list. Parents go on the list as well. No one is so far above anyone else that they are exempt. I’d say put your Higher Power on the list, but they’re not a person…they’re an entity – the ONLY source that you should be looking to in good times and bad.

You know what? We’re going to take this a step further. Not only do I want you to put people on the list. I also want you to put PLACES and EXPERIENCES on the list. Sometimes the things that happen in our lives have just as much of an effect on us as the people in our lives. Make that list separate though. Don’t mix the two because I want you to watch for a pattern. Once you analyze the people, you will analyze the places and experiences. If the same person or people keep showing up in good or bad places or experiences that will be a key indicator of their role in your life. If you jumble it all together you won’t be able to see it as clearly.

So make two list. One for people and another for places and experiences. Also write down how you feel when you see that person’s name or think about going to that place or reliving that experience. Take note of those feelings. They’re trying to tell you something. Listen to them…closely!

This process may be hard. It may even hurt. But you have to HURT before you can HEAL!

Rockstarr ~ Over & Out


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