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Thoughtful Tuesday: What Is Your Worth?

Posted on: April 26, 2011

Have you ever asked yourself that question? Do you even know what equals your self-worth? Is it money? Material things? Society’s opinion of you? What does self-worth mean to you? Now, what is YOUR self-worth?

You can’t expect more than what you’re willing to give, yet you can’t give what you don’t have. How can you call yourself being worthy of love, happiness, peace, and prosperity when you don’t have those things in your own life? How can you say you are worth thousands or millions of dollars when you have a poor mentality? Better yet, how can you dictate someone else’s worth when you can’t even dictate your own?

We tend to make the mistake of aligning our value based on what outsiders or society says we’re worth. That’s not an accurate appraisal for society doesn’t know what we know, what we’ve been through, or where we’re going. Society doesn’t know who we know. Society doesn’t see our vision, nor does society know our purpose. Therefore society cannot, I repeat, CANNOT dictate what we are worth.

Yet so many of us ALLOW society to place a value on our lives because we won’t do it. Even those who swear up and down they’re “priceless” use that title as a shield because they don’t know their true worth. Being priceless simply means you have no worth. You can view that as a good or bad thing, but EVERYONE has some sort of worth. Priceless isn’t it!

*Here’s a band-aid for your popped bubble if you’re one of the “priceless” ones.*

Now that you’re covered to heal, let’s discover your REAL value, shall we?

Think about your internal world. What is it that you have others can cherish? What is it that you cherish about yourself? Are you loving? Caring? Affectionate? Knowledgeable? Witty? Do you have a unique view of the world? Are you in tune with your intuition and spirit? What are some traits that others cannot sense that you possess?

Now think about your outer world. What can you do that adds value to your life? Can you cook? Are you creative? Do you recognize patterns in situations? Are you a good matchmaker? What can you do that others look to you for advice, your opinion, or they simply want your help?

There are a lot of traits you possess that you may not believe have value when in all actuality they do! Everything about you is worth something. You ARE a valuable person, but you’re only as valuable as YOU say you are. Not society. Not your colleagues. Not your family and friends. YOU decide your worth. It’s time to raise your worth, but first, you must determine your worth.

Appreciate yourself. Appreciate your value. Appreciate IN value.

Rockstarr ~ Over & Out


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