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Focus Friday: The Why Is More Important Than The How

Posted on: May 20, 2011

I’ve discussed the importance of giving and serving others  before. This time around I want to focus on why it’s important; not from other’s perspective, but from your own. Why do you desire to serve others? What do you seek to gain? How does giving make you feel? Can you become selfish in regards to being selfless?

There can be no hidden agendas, ulterior motives, or expectations when giving to others. It has to be in its purest form in order to be considered true giving. This isn’t to say that everything in live should be given freely. Some things have a price, but those things aren’t given – they are bought. Selling items in exchange for money or other goods is okay. Selling your soul for the same reason is not.

What are your true intentions when giving freely? That should be your focus for today. If you are expecting even the slightest bit of recognition or reward for your efforts then you aren’t freely giving. Let go of the ego and strive to give all you can (without putting yourself in a bind, of course). If you find that your ego has linked itself to your purpose of giving then seek ways to give anonymously. That way you can’t be directly recognized or rewarded, yet your character grows while your ego diminishes. It also allows you to increase your level of gratitude, gives meaning to your giving and fulfills your purpose.

Finally, never think that you have nothing to give. Everyone has something they can give to someone else; be it time, money, or a listening ear. We all can contribute to other’s lives. It doesn’t matter what you give more so than the spirit in which you give. Give in the right spirit and your journey will not only take you farther, but you will also be richly rewarded in many, many ways.

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