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Project 365: Day One – The Journey Begins!

Posted on: July 1, 2011

So, here it is! Day one of Project 365. This is my journey chronicling my transition to the next level. I have many levels and dimensions of my life that I am focusing on during this transition in addition to my overall standard of living. For this blog, I will focus on four areas: professional, intellectual, emotional and mental. Here is what type of growth I am looking to obtain in the next 365 (actually 366 – 2012 is a leap year) days.

Professional: I will release three separate novels within the next 365 days. One novel, Diamond’s Reign, will be released in September 2011. The second novel, As I Die Slowly, will be released on World AIDS Day which is December 1, 2011. Amaya’s Gift, which is my charitable novel for Nationwide Children’s Hospital, will be released in February or March 2012.

I will also write two new novels. One will be written during NaNoWriMo (which stands for National Novel Writing Month) in November. The other will be written six months later in April. During this first month I will complete the Amaya’s Gift manuscript…so I guess I’ll be writing three novels!

Intellectually: I will read one empowering book per month. I already have my list for the first nine months thanks to my Alliance. I also plan on adding Napoleon Hill’s Laws of Success, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, and I still need to find a final book. It’ll come to me, but suggestions are always welcome! 🙂

Emotionally: I will develop the TRUE meaning of Unconditional Love. I will eventually get it to the point where I can outpour it onto others. At this point, I have to develop it within myself. I love myself, but I know I can love myself a lot more! (As I look around this virtually empty apartment…I REALLY could love myself a lot more!)

Mentally: I will change my language to reflect positivity. ALL NEGATIVE WORDS that end in -n’t will be eliminated! Instead of saying what I -n’t want I will say what I DO want. Instead of focusing on what I -n’t do I will develop what I CAN do. I think you get my drift! 😉

My blog postings will be as often as I can make them. I will post at least three times a week; maybe more if I need to celebrate…or vent! I will also post video updates at the end of the  month…or the beginning. Depends on my mood! This is the beginning, so everything is all over-the-top and optimistic. Yet, as the weeks and months go by I know things will shift. That’s what this journey is about…shifting! My life will shift (affirming it will shift for the BETTER) so I may miss some postings. Yet I want to show you all my transition so you can see first hand someone go through REAL changes with no holds barred…in regards to these four areas, that is!

I’m excited! I’m ready! I’m going INNNNN! I am ready to see how this will all play out. Hold on tight…this is going to be one wild, crazy, fun-filled, blessed and abundant ride!


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