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Project 365: Day 4 – Plans Change…Purpose Stays The Same.

Posted on: July 4, 2011

I was speaking with my accountability partner this evening, and we were discussing how to create various avenues of income. Without getting too much into detail, I somehow came up with the phrase “You can change your plan, but you can’t change your purpose!” Then I did my standard “Ooh! Status!” yell. It’s funny because I always have random epiphanies at the most awkward…yet needed…moments.

I was going to wait until later in the week to post an update, but that thought really inspired me. Hold for a second…I’m saying good night to my munchkins!

*insert hold music here*

Hello, I have returned. Now where was I? Oh yeah…my inspiring quote. Although it came to me today, the thought itself has been with me for some time, just in different words. We all have moments in life when we’re so determined to make something happen that we refuse to deviate from our course of action to actualize our goals. That, my dear rockstars, is where most of us falter. The goals, regardless of their size, are attainable. It’s the path that needs to be adjusted.

I came to realize…well, accept…this recently. For the past two to three months I’ve had several people tell me that my long-term goals were realistic, but my short-term situation was – in a nutshell – effed up! (Their words…NOT mine!) I was told that my plan wasn’t working; I needed to change my course of action; I needed to start over. One fool even went to far as to say that I “need to get a job where I clock in and clock out.” (No worries, he’s been long gone!) I had so many non-supportive opinions coming at me left, right and center. Not one of these people said what I wanted to hear at the time, but I have to admit they said what I needed to hear, which was:

…you need to change your plan!

They were right…partially! While their “how” was totally off, their “what” was dead on! It was my plan that needed to be adjusted. My purpose is set. My long-term goals will be met. Short term, on the other hand, needed a lot of TLC. I was so determined to make it happen my way that I almost killed it off entirely. And that’s not just with my career; that goes for every aspect of my life. This epiphany is anything but new. I’ve just grown to the point where I can now accept it for what it is…change!

So it’s okay if you have to change your plans. In all actuality, it is a requirement. Your plans WILL change. You WILL have to adjust your path. It’s inevitable. How you get there is only part of the journey. What matters most though is WHY you’re on the path in the first place. Your PURPOSE is your REAL guide, not what you thought would work at the moment. If things aren’t working; make them work. Develop a new income stream. Change your scenery. Tweak your timeline. Seek help (you will need it) even if you think you can do it on your own. Your long-term goals depend on the decisions you make in the short -term. Make it easier on yourself now – even if it seems hard – and you will reap even greater rewards later.

Your purpose is your purpose and that will never change. In fact, outside of death it’s probably the only other consistent thing in life. That’s what really matters. How you get there varies. Focus more on the journey than the map. If a detour pops up, take it. If a road is blocked, find another route. Whatever you do, keep moving FORWARD! You’ve already seen what’s behind you. Why go back to it? My plans have changed already, and it’s only day four; yet my purpose will now and forever remain the same!


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