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Project 365: Day 21 – The Seed Has Been Planted…Leave It ALONE!

Posted on: July 21, 2011

Oh the joy of epiphanies! 🙂

So I was having one of my reflective talks (translation: I was talking to myself in the mirror. Hey, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!) and in typical Rockstarr fashion I had a BRILLIANT epiphany!

Picture it…Stone Mountain…2011! (I loved Sophia!)

I was discussing just how epic this month has been going for me. Even with the issues that I’m facing I still have an abundance of blessings coming left, right, and center. I’ve gotten book proposals, book sales, new clients, and even reconnected with someone VERY special to me! I mean things have really been looking up!

BUT…they didn’t look “up” until I did!

Nothing that happened this month is particularly “new” to me; only how I viewed it has changed. Before, I was focused on what I lacked or didn’t have. I was wondering why I asked for some of the things that I did and when the situation arose I started to panic…or they simply didn’t come at all. All this time I had been praying…and looking…and praying some more…and looking some more. The problem wasn’t that I asked for the wrong things, asked in the wrong ways, or lacked faith in receiving them. The problem was that all the while, I was looking in the wrong direction.

I was looking DOWN!

*bows head in shameful admission*

*head back up*

So, what does this have to do with a seed? Simple. When we ask our Higher Power for something we are essentially planting a seed. That seed represents whatever you have been asking for: money, car, love, a home, the nearest restroom…whatever! Once we ask for it, we are planting it into the Universe for it to manifest, germinate, and present itself in our reality. That’s all well and good, but here is where most of us falter.

We keep digging that seed up!

By that I mean we keep looking down to see if it’s growing. Not only are we looking down, we’re uncovering it to see if it’s even started sprouting. We’re incessantly checking our bank accounts. We’re falling in love with every person that says “How are you?” out of kindness. We’re taking the first bid for homes we don’t even like. We even look for a discreet corner to pop a squat.  Thanks to the wonderful information/technology age we are so frickin’ impatient that we expect whatever we ask for to come in 3.5 seconds flat…and that’s the standard shipping time!

My dear rockstars, it doesn’t work that way!

My thing is this. I have been asking for a lot lately. Actually, I’ve been asking for a lot since I moved down here. Yet every time I ask for the same thing I dig up the seed to see what’s happening. Do you know what happens when you dig up a seed that has taken root?


Once you ask your Higher Power for something; once you plant that seed…leave it ALONE! Yes, you have to tend to it. Yes you have to keep it free of weeds (i.e. negative thoughts/deeds/acts). You may even have to talk about it (how you want it to look, feel, be, etc.). However, whatever you do, please, for Pete’s sake AND for the love of Mike, do not dig that seed up!

This is where having faith comes into play. Farmers plant thousands of seeds with the pure faith that they will grow into what they expect them to be. They don’t plant them then dig them up the next day to check on their progress. They till the land, fertilize it, plow, plant, and get the heck on! In the mean time, in between time, they water and weed, but that’s it. The rest is done on its own.

The same can, and should, be said for whatever seeds you’ve planted. Whatever it is you asked for, ask ONCE and let it happen. I asked for several things over and over and kept digging the seeds up, hence the reason why some things never manifested in my life. On the flip side, the things that I TRULY desired I only asked ONCE, planted the seed, and in time I got it! This week has been proof that when you ask, plant, water, weed, and walk away you will get what you’ve asked for!

Don’t break the roots. Don’t dig it up. Don’t become obsessed with checking its progress. Signs will show in due time that what you’ve asked for is growing, changing, and manifesting. Until then, do your part and let your Higher Power do theirs! It’s the ONLY WAY that seed you’ve planted will survive!

Stop looking down and waiting. Start looking around and living!

The journey continues…


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