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Project 365: Day 35 – When Reality Strikes…Strike Back!

Posted on: August 4, 2011

I’m trying to become a lover of reality, I really am, but sometimes…well…it just flat out SUCKS! Especially when what you envision does NOT match up with what is in front of you. That can make it even harder to accept reality for what it is…your current situation. While it may seem dark and dismal we must remember that our reality as we see it is that way because we created it.

In the case of my reality, I have no choice but to take 100% credit for every situation that I now face. That’s the not-so-good part about it. The great part is that I also have the power to CHANGE my reality. I created my situation, allowed certain things to take place, and even disregarded what I knew I needed…and now I take full responsibility for it. Okay, enough of that! It’s time to create something new.

I love and appreciate everyone that’s come into my life with new ways of thinking, speaking, and simply being who I am. Yet I realize that their ways are not necessarily mine. There are reasons to think, speak, and be who they are that don’t apply to me and vise versa. This is one of the downfalls of being an impressionable person. Everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, that is presented to me is soaked up like a sponge. Even if it’s something I shouldn’t think, say, or be I’ll still absorb it. Now that I know the Universe doesn’t discern between negative and positive I have to strip myself so to speak of everything that could have been negative, does not apply to me, or simply isn’t for me.

This is part of what Project: 365 is about; cleansing myself of the madness and preparing myself for something greater. It took 35 days for the entire picture to become clear, but I plan on reversing that within the next two weeks! I need to find my own way of thinking, speaking, and being who I am. Not necessarily how I had it before, but how it should apply to me now. So, that’s my first way of striking back.

Now…onto my goals. Simply put, I’m tired of hitting brick walls, coming to halts, and facing blockages in my path. I’m literally draining myself of time, money, and energy trying to do this the way “they” say it should be done. I get their method worked for them. That’s great! I’m happy it did! That doesn’t mean it will work for me. How do I know?

*looks around*

Let’s just say it’s evident in my reality. So another way I have to strip myself is by restructuring my plan. The goals are set. They’re not going anywhere. But I have to fix my present or I’m going to burn out before I’ve even “arrived” at my intended destination. I’m not saying I can’t accomplish what I need in order to succeed by sitting at my computer….BUT…it’s going to take MORE than that to get me where I need to be. In order to get more I have to replace what I’ve given away, lost, or simply refused to take.

That’s what stage I’m entering; replacing everything that’s gone with something BIGGER, BETTER, and BRIGHTER! There’s a belief that I was taught (which has been proven to be true) that the Universe abhors an empty space. Once you get rid of something it’s space has to be filled with something else. It doesn’t care what it’s filled with, but it must be filled. So, if you got rid of something negative you want to fill it with something positive.

That’s where I messed up!

I was so busy getting rid of negativity that I abandoned the task of filling the spaces up with something positive. This goes from people, to jobs, to eating habits…well, habits in general…to other aspects of my life. I was all about delete, detox, delete, detox, delete, and detox some more. Yet I never stopped to fill those empty spaces with something positive! I just kept eliminating. And when these empty spaces would be filled, it was with something either more negative or just as negative. Which caused me to delete and detox again! It was a perpetual cycle of deleting madness! 

Now that I know better I can do better. In this case, what I’ll do is replenish what I’ve deleted and detoxed with something that’s positive and conducive to my current and future goals. I’ve already made the executive decision to increase for the better. Now I need to align my thoughts, words, and actions to make it happen. That’s my second way of striking back.

It’s all about making good decisions, really. Not just any decision. Not the decisions you THINK others want you to make. Not even decisions you THINK you want to make just for the sake of others. It’s about doing what’s best for all that are involved, including YOURSELF. Whenever I made decisions I did it for the benefit of others. I never focused on how it would affect me too much. I’m a tough cookie, so there isn’t much that I can’t handle. With the decisions I’ve been making, I have come to realize that I’ve been living for everyone else and not for me. That’s not how it’s supposed to be.

I get that my purpose is to help others. I get that my gifts, talents, and abilities are supposed to be utilized for the benefit of others, but they are also supposed to benefit me. This is what I think most people are scared to admit out of fear of making God angry. No worries, I’ve already said this to God directly and I’m still here, so here it goes.

I’m at the stage of growth where I need to be selfish!

Let’s be honest! We all want SOME benefit of what we do. Be it fame, glorification, recognition, money, status, whatever it may be, we want something for it. We may not say it out loud, but deep down inside (or for some of us, not-so-deep down inside) we want to know that we will reap something good for sticking our necks out for the sake of strangers that we’ve never seen before and will probably never see again once our purpose in their life is fulfilled. Yes, there’s a selfish component to all of this. And guess what?


You know why?

Because sometimes you have to be selfish in order to be selfless!

That’s one of my own personal beliefs. I say that because if I’m so focused on what necessities are missing from my life then I can’t focus on how I can help others in theirs. And instead of feeling bad about it, denying it, or feeling like I’ve committed some horrible sin or crime for feeling that way, I simply told God how I felt. I was honest about it. I described how I felt, why I felt that way, and what would make that feeling go away. I didn’t sugar coat it or make it seem like it was some miniscule thought. I was real with God and I was real with myself. I just recently did this (like yesterday), so I don’t have any feedback on what happened afterwards. All I know is that I was 100% honest in how I felt and what needed to happen so I can shift my focus from being selfish to being selfless. That was my third way of striking back.

Reality is just that. It’s simply what is. There is no good, bad, incredible, or horrible aspect to it. Two people can have mirroring realities; one may like it while the other is ready to jump head first off a bridge. It’s all in how you look at it, but you have to look at it. You can envision your future all day every day, but at some point you have to come to the present to see where you stand today. If you don’t, you’ll soon fall tomorrow. Reality can be your best friend or your worst enemy. You decide which role it will play.

As for me, it’s time for a little Reality CPR:

Check my reality as it is today.

Purge the negative.

Replenish with something positive.

——– *clear* ——-^—-^—^—-^—^–^–^–^–^

The journey continues…


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