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Project 365: Day 46 – It Just Got Real!

Posted on: August 15, 2011



Yeah, that’s where I’m at pretty much. You haven’t heard a lot from me, and for the next week or so you probably won’t, due to me cleaning up my own reality. Here is a lesson that I want everyone to adhere to when deciding on your OWN path!

*clears throat*

What worked for others is not guaranteed to work for you!

I just learned that the HARD way! From guru’s to experts to motivators – I listened to them ALL! While there is a common thread that IS working, their steps that were tailored to them (key word: “them”) were not necessarily meant for me. That’s okay. Well, it’s not, but it will have to be.

See, the thing about this journey is that there will be highs and lows, successes and defeats, ups and downs, yin and yang…all that good stuff! Right now, Rockstars, I’m going through the trenches…with a smile on my face!

No, I am not insane! At least it hasn’t been clinically declared!

My point is that most people tend to hide in conditions such as the one I’m in now. They’re afraid of being scoffed, scorned, laughed at, pointed at, seen as a failure, yada, yada, yada…scooby dooby doo. Well, I don’t roll like that. I didn’t start this to show you the glitz and the glamour of achieving your goals. You can watch TV or flip through a magazine to see that. I started Project 365 so you can see the REAL DEAL! This is where I bare ALL! In my current situation,  (and I quote one of my favorite lines from the movie Bad Boys II) “$hit just got real!”

So, with that said, I’m about to get real with “it” and handle it like only The Motivational Rockstarr can! I’ll update as often as possible, but trust and believe that while I may BE down I cannot and will not STAY down! You know how I know I got this? Because God’s got this!

The journey continues…


3 Responses to "Project 365: Day 46 – It Just Got Real!"

You already have what it takes to win the combat so go on Sis… I am sprinkling some hugs over there to hold you over 🙂


This is so true! And I am glad you finally raised your head up for a breath of fresh air!!! 🙂 I know you are working hard and dedicated to ‘YOUR’ journey, so never forget to leave your own ROCKSTAR certified seal of approval on everything you do. You got it. And we are Rockin’ with you 100%

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