The Motivational Rockstarr

The motivation continues October 3rd!

Posted on: September 17, 2011

Hey Rockstars!

When I started this blog earlier this year I didn’t know it was going to motivate so many people. Although that was my goal, I tried to be realistic in my expectations and wasn’t looking for a high “following” of people. Well, apparently God had another planned – and quite honestly, I like God’s better than mine.

Initially this blog was created for writers. It was supposed to be a platform to motivate others to keep writing. Well, not only has it done that, but it’s also helped others in their own paths. I have truly loved the feedback I get from others and I’m grateful and appreciative that I have been able to help you along your own journey.

With that being said, the motivation continues October 3rd. The daily motivational blogs, along with Project: 365, will be posted here! So be on the lookout for The Motivational Rockstarr as I make my return to keep you growing and keep you going!

~Rockstarr~ Over & Out


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