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Wisdom Wednesday: Selective Hearing…And Speaking…And Thinking

Posted on: October 12, 2011

All advice is NOT created equal! For some reason, it has become a “trend” to be a motivator, expert, or guru. Anyone and everyone is going around quoting this person and that person – all while gassing you up to take their seminars, do their challenges, buy their programs and follow their paths…



No, I didn’t just shoot down your dreams. I shot the illusion that all you have to do is “listen” to all of these “experts” in order to make your dream come true. Now I will admit that there are some genuine people out there that care more about the well being of others over the well being of their bank accounts. But for every genuine person out there (and this is just a guess-timate) about 10 or so of those others aren’t qualified to tell a bumblebee how to fly, let alone a person how to dream.

I’m just saying!

You’d be surprised at all the complaints, disappointed stories and frustration I hear because someone followed this person, or bought a program for that person, or participated in whatever and nothing happened. I hear it all the time.

But here’s the catch.

As much as these people think they’ve been scammed, they haven’t. You know why? Because if you decipher what they do and REALLY listen to what they say the answer is right in your face.

They can only MOTIVATE you. The ACTION has to come from YOU!

So what you hear, say and even think has to emulate your own inner being; not that of someone you wish to be like. You don’t know the REAL story behind what they did to get where they are – if they’re really there! They had to find their own path. You have to find yours. So how do you pick apart the treasure from the trash.

By being very selective.

Not everything they’re saying is hot air. Not everything they’re doing will lead you to a dead end. Yet every single step is not for you. Some things you need to hear to get you going. Some steps you need to take to get to that next level. Yet – and I’m probably going to get it for saying this – no one person’s way is the absolute right way.


So save your hundreds of dollars on programs and such and put that money towards your dream! Now if you feel you can get something out of it, then by all means make that investment. Like I said, they’re not ALL bad. Just know what your money is going to and that it will help you advance before plopping down the cash.

Too many people have ulterior motives. We all need to make a living. I get that. I support that. I don’t support robbing people of their dreams then trying to sell it back to them for profit. EFF THAT! If what you’re doing is valuable, they will pay you in-kind voluntarily and for way more than you would have probably asked. That’s why a lot of legit motivators get a bad rap. It’s not hard to weed out the good ones from the bad.

Whatever you decide to do, be selective about it. And yes, that even applies to me. I can’t give you the entire map, nor will I ever claim to have that power. All I can do is spark the fire. It’s up to you to keep the flame going!

Now…shouldn’t you be writing something?!?!



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