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Focus Friday: Do It How You See Fit

Posted on: October 14, 2011

All this week we’ve been talking about dream stealers, nay sayers, experts, gurus, gassers, etc. All of these people have something in common: if allowed, they will manipulate or even block your path to success.

But enough about them. Let’s talk about you!

Where do you see yourself going as a writer? How do you see your craft developing? If you’re not a writer, how do you see your dream becoming a reality? What is your vision and what steps do you need to take to make it happen? Can you see it happening? Is that really what you want?

Listen to that last question carefully.

Is that really what YOU want?

Do you want to be an international best-selling author, or do you just want to humor your family and friends? Do you want your artistic masterpieces displayed in the Louvre, or would you be more satisfied in your grandmother’s living room? Are you looking to be adored by millions, or just adored by the one you love?

Don’t let the vision of others cloud your own. Not everyone wants to be a celebrity, a billionaire, or even known worldwide. Some people are actually happiest when they are successful and low key. There’s nothing wrong with that. A small dream to one person can be universally huge to another.

It’s your vision. It’s your ordained destiny. Keep your focus and do it how you see fit.

Enjoy your weekend!



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