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Wisdom Wednesday: Prepare Your Cushion

Posted on: November 2, 2011


That’s where my word count stands in NaNo! I’m not telling you to boast  – okay, maybe I am a little bit – but in typical Rockstarr fashion there’s a method to my motivation. 50,000 words may not seem like a lot of writing to do in thirty days, but when you add in the other factors of your everyday life, it is. So my suggestion to you is:

Don’t get comfortable! Get cushioned!

Yes! Now is the perfect time to create your word cushion! Speaking as a four year vet of this challenge, I can tell you with almost pure certainty that by the middle of next week, bit by bit, little by little, your normal – and not so normal – life will start to get in the way. At first you’ll just barely miss your word count. Then it’s a missed day. Then it’s a few days. next think you know you’re 23,000 words behind and it’s November 28th!

Don’t let this happen to you!

If you build your cushion of words now, you’ll have that stress of playing catch up off your back later. Granted it’s only day two. I already know what you’re thinking”

There’s plenty of time!

She’s over-exaggerating!

It can’t be that hard to catch up!

I have the entire story in my head already. I don’t need a word cushion.

I had those same thoughts before. Especially last year, you know, the year I didn’t finish! All I will say is plan accordingly, plan ahead, and build a cushion! Curse me out now, but I guarantee you’ll thank me later!



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