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Project 365: Day 128 ~ Happy New Year!

Posted on: November 7, 2011

I know, I know…it’s not January 1st yet, but frankly, I don’t feel like waiting another 7 weeks and 6 days to ring in the new year!

And here’s why…

The new year symbolizes so much. In addition to it being a new year (thank you, Captain Obvious!) it’s also a time when we set new goals, make new resolutions and wipe our slate clean with a fresh, new start. It’s when we forget about the old and focus on the new…for a month or two…until the  new becomes the old and we’re back in that same trench we’ve been trying to climb out of for years and haven’t done it yet!


Well, at least that’s the case for most people. Me, on the other hand – I’m going about this differently! Screw waiting for 2012. I’m ready to make some 2012 things happen in 2011! This revelation hit me last night and in typical Rockstarr fashion I took it and ran with it. Now that my identity crisis is over I can move forward towards my goals!

Oh yeah, about that crisis!

It was BAD! LOL! Looking back, it was actually pretty funny, but at the moment I was on a serious “what the f*ck” tip! Somehow, along my journey, my originality got gutted like a fish and I was stuffed with a lot of materialistic, money-centered, nonessential bullsh*t that meant absolutely nothing to me! Now I realize that because I wasn’t being…well…me, I was having all sorts of trials, storms and issues that could have been easily avoided if I stayed true to myself.

I was attracting the wrong people, opportunities, experiences – it was a hot shiggidy diggidy mess! I mean straight sizzling! I’ve been working on this illusion for a few weeks now and I am proud to say that the original, fiesty, cake loving, music blaring, line dancing, stiletto stepping, story creating, sailor blushing, LOVE-CENTERED Rockstarr is BACK BABY!!!!!

With that said, I’ve decided to restructure my future and how I need, want and desire to look. 2012 – well, the next level – is going to be fan-f*cking-fabulous! That’s my new word, in case you didn’t know! A little – colorful – but that’s me!

So, now that I’m in my new season it’s time to create a lot of new things! I need to manifest a new vision board, some new declarations and affirmations, a new spiritual routine, new residence, new relationship (hey, baby!), new clothes, new shoes, new heels (drools)…new everything! It’s all here! I’m so grateful for this moment!

2009 was the year of revelation.

2010 was the year of healing.

2011 was the year of preparation.

2012 is the year of the new!




1 Response to "Project 365: Day 128 ~ Happy New Year!"

I am right there with you! I’m going through my own little identity crisis at the moment. It’s not fun but I’m finding that it is necessary. What else is going to keep me on my toes and get me to continually think about what’s best for me in this and every moment?

Go on Rockstarr! Make it happen. 🙂

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