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Project 35: Day 241 ~ Delayed Gratification

Posted on: February 29, 2012

One of my first mentors used to always say, “Short term pain. Long term pleasure.”

God bless you, Shanel Cooper-Sykes, for that trinket of a gem!

I have made the executive decision to stop living for instant gratification and start striving for financial freedom. Between T. Harv, Kiyosaki, Doug Nelson, and a host of other financial freedom fighters I have come to the conclusion that if I ever plan on being the Billionaire I set out to become 2 or so years ago I have to make soem BIGGER, BOLDER, MORE DRASTIC changes than the ones I’ve made already!

Now, don’t get me wrong. The changes I’ve made allowed me to clear out a lot of my debt, gain a better over-standing of money and how it REALLY works (The Federal Reserve is a TRIP…and it’s NOT a government agency! Do your research!), and clarify what it is I truly want finance wise. I’ve made some amazing strides, but I still have a ways to go.

But one of the key things that every single one of these financial freedom fighters (Hey, I have another F3!!!) echoed is that every area of your life MUST be balanced, or NOTHING will every flow right! And that was one of my biggest hangups. Lately, especially this past year, I was so focused on getting myself financially and professionally right that I nearly abandoned every other aspect of my life. That means out of the 12 dimensions that are important to me (spiritual, visual, personal, professional, financial, intellectual, romantic, emotional, sexual, physical, mental, and social) only two were getting constant, non-stop, 24/7 attention and they were financial and professional. The close second was intellectual, but I was only reading books and obtaining knowledge that related to either finances or business.

What type of balance is THAT?!


So that’s another aspect of this journey that has been tweaked. More like demolished and rebuilt!


Okay, I’m back. Now, where was I? Oh yes…

Sooooooooo… :o) … I have scaled down on some areas so I can scale up on others. It’s all about balance at this point. Outer and inner harmony in all 12 dimensions of my life. It has been a day by day focus and although I slide back at times I am getting a lot better.

One of the ways I have recently implemented to help me with this balance is creating a time management schedule. I have dedicated certain times to certain areas of my life and left some open spaces for rest and “wild card” events (wild card = life). I just created this schedule yesterday – okay, last night – so we’ll see how it goes. I’ll report my progress on a future blog.


So, as I was saying, along with my theme of obtaining balance, financial freedom, and the life I truly want I have decided to live for delayed gratification for the moment. My goal is to get rid of my consumer debt (which, outside of student loans, is incredibly LOW!) by the end of this year. Then I will begin to knock out those degree-that-I-don’t-use-anyway lons once everything else is out of the way. This will take a lot of self discipline, work, and focus. That means no unnecessary purchases, trips, or splurging outside of my ‘Play Jar.”

It also means no Cancun!

I was supposed to go Memorial Day Weekend, but that trip was in excess of $1500 and that’s not counting baggage fees, clothes/shoes, spending money, etc. I think my friend is a tad bit upset that I’m not going, but I had to make a big girl decision. Besides, it’s the 10th anniversary of the company that’s hosting the events and I really don’t want to spend that much money on a trip and not have fun because I can’t MOVE!!! Plus, Cancun isn’t going anywhere. I can always go another time!

It also means no vacation this year. My kids will be with my parents this summer and that is pretty much my “vacation” anyway, so not going anywhere won’t be such a big deal. I’d rather sacrifice not vacationing for 3-5 days for a year or two so that I can vacation for 3-5 months once I’m financially free by 2015!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that’s my new financial goal. I want to be financially free by 2015! That means no consumer debt, no stupid – I mean student – loans debt, and no rediculous out-of-hand expenses! What comes in is by minimum 3 times more than what goes out! That – my dear Rockstars – is called a SURPLUS! Something that 95% of Americans are NOT truly experiencing! Since my consumer debt is so low, and is still incredibly low even if you add in the student loans – it won’t be difficult to obtain. I can definitely achieve this feat in the time frame I have and build a surplus on top of that!

I’m excited about where I’m going, but first I had to get PISSED about where I had been. I wish I knew then what I know now and had the same amount of COURAGE back then that I have now! (I’m sure you’ve heard that one before!) But no use in dwelling on the past. It’s the present I’m focused on so when the future becomes my present it’ll REALLY be a present!

Okay, according to my schedule it is “personal” time! NO WORK ALLOWED during personal time! Let me go make lunch and get some social media time in! See? I delayed my Facebooking for a few hours and now I get to enjoy it!

Delayed Gratification – That’s the name of the game! Let’s play!


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