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Project 365: Day 327 – So THAT’S Why You Have To Be Careful What You Ask For! *DUH!*

Posted on: May 25, 2012

Before I start, the pop-up above the blog page freaked me out!

Okay…on to the post!

I woke up this morning with a major realization. One, I need a new laptop because this missing “a” is throwing me off! Two, there is a reason why we have to be careful what we ask for. Around this time last year I was in a pinch and asked for something – more like asked to do something to ease that pinch. Two months later I asked for something else, thinking I would also be a benefit to someone else. In August of last year I got both requests answered. It was great for a month. Then slowly but surely it turned into pure HELL!!!! (God forgive me, I do not mean to curse my life!) Towards the end of, well, ending this h**l on earth I made a third request.

This one I’ll share! There is someone I used to be very fond of: like I could see him as my husband type of fondness. Well, we had lost touch for months – we never did get the whole communication thing down. I read The Soulmate Secret by Arielle Ford (LOVED IT!!!!!) and started focusing on my TRUE #1 desire: to be a wife and have a family unit. Once I stopped reading and started studying the book this guy came back into my thoughts…and he came back with a VENGEANCE!!! All of a sudden he was all I could think about. Even my situation at that time took a backseat to him.

I used to keep a journal on my computer and whenever I had a vision about him (by choice or by chance) I would type and save it. I went back and read the ones that came to me – the ones I had by chance – and it renewed all hope I had about us being together one day. So I made a request to get back in touch with him. He was so heavily on my mind that I had to! I sent him an email…he answered three weeks later. Not too long after that we talked on the phone for about an hour.


No, that’s not me hitting myself. That’s reality hitting me! Or God! Or the Universe! However you want to view it I was being slapped silly for re-opening a door that was shut for a reason. I won’t put his business out there, but most people know when you begin to seek a partner you have your three lists: must haves, toleratable traits, and deal killers. When we last spoke his must haves outweighed everything. In the 11 months we were out of touch his deal killer list took over! 😦

In all three of my requests I wanted something desperately…and there in lies the problem. In each one of those cases I made my request out of desperation…not out of sincerity and faith. I asked for them because I THOUGHT I had to quickly fill a void. Turns out, if I followed my intuition in the first place the voids would have never been created. But since I didn’t – and created a sense of desperation and urgency – I am where I am today.

So what did I learn from these lessons? Nothing that I didn’t already know; it was just confirmed that I – and you, too – have to be very careful what I ask for because I will get it. And depending on what place these request comes from (faith, fear, desperation, certainty, etc.) it will determine just HOW it is fulfilled and delivered to me.

My first two requests have been eradicated. I no longer desire that position nor to live that life. As for the guy, well, I haven’t heard from him since we talked last week after my accident. He’s still cool and all, but no longer husband material. Oh well, c’est la vie!

OH YEAH!!!! I know what my next move is. Preparations have already been made and everything is in action. My summer is going to be very interesting! 😉 I’ll discuss that more when I have a functioning “a” key instead of pushing on the pad below the key itself!

At any rate, enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend! Thank you for those that served and to the fallen you are remembered!



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