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Posted on: July 27, 2012

I’m tired…but estatic!

So, I’ve been in hiding – yes, again – for the past couple of weeks because I was having an internal battle regarding my return to Georgia. Part of me wanted to go back because I miss it so. Part of me wants to try somewhere else because when I was there it broke me down. All of me wants to get the heck out of where I am now! (I won’t say where…don’t want to offend any Buckeyes! Oops!) Throughout this entire ordeal I was being pulled back and forth internally…and I has zero local support externally.

Finally I said enough was enough. The instability and insanity were more than I could take.I began some serious soul searching, shutting my ego up every time it tried to speak. I went back to meditating and reading . The book that pulled me out to safety was Super Rich by Russell Simmons. If you haven’t read this book it is a MUST READ! It’s not about becoming rich financially, but rather spiritually. It really shined a light on what I already knew to be true, but couldn’t see due to the fogginess of my uncertainty. It led me out of the darkness! I highly recommend it.

But I can’t give the book 100% credit. Well, we all know that goes to my Higher Power. But I also took the initiative to rededicate myself TO myself. Somehow the words of others – or in some cases the lack thereof – caused me to question my own purpose. Hey, I’m human! But it did show me that everyone has weaknesses and vulnerabilities. It’s our response to this when it shows up that differentiates success from, well, no success. (I don’t like the “f” word.) I didn’t beat myself up or allow the abuse of my ego to go on any longer. I told myself that good or bad, right or lesson (I also don’t like the “w” word), I am going to live life and ENJOY the process. Because that’s all life is…a process!

I also discovered something else. In my quest towards literary greatness I have been a freelance writer, self published author, publisher, editor, and writing coach. Oh, and a ghostwriter. And while I have thoroughly enjoyed and loved every project I took on none of them really did “it” for me. Well, writing stories does, but they come to me…I don’t sit around all day trying to conjure them up. Yet here’s what I’ve discovered and have recently been shown. No matter what project I was working on, the thing that caused me to get involved was the passion for the project that I could see, hear, and feel from my client. Their passion ignited my passion because I was helping them to birth a dream. Seeing how much they were into their project literally gave me goosebumps.

And then I had an “A HA!’ moment!

It’s the birthing of passion that I love! It doesn’t even have to be in the form of a book. This week alone I have talked to several people about their own inner passions and have given them tips on how to get started. Seeing their face light up or hearing the excitement in their voice…that’s what I’m meant to do. I’m not the creator of the dream…I’m the supporter of the dream. The Mid-wife. The doula. The OB/GYN…without the GYN!

I was talking to my friend Mark about my hiatus and he told me that everyone needs that one person to support them; that one person to encourage them when they can’t encourage themselves. Shoot, I’ve been doing that since middle school! I didn’t even know what I was doing…I was just being me! Then I listened to a webinar given by Social Media Trainer Natalie Gouche’ and she said the best way to attract others to you is to simply be yourself. No need to put on a facade! No need to allow others to mold you into who they think you should be. Just do you,  be you, and your purpose will come to you.

So instead of being on this twisted up road to finding a way to get to the top…I’d honestly rather help others begin their ascension. Yes, I’ll still write my novels. Diamond Cartel isn’t going anywhere anytime soon…but as a coach, a supporter, a friend of the Universe…I shine best when I can help others shine.

Look for the ascension of Cartel Creative Coaching coming this September! I’ve already gave birth to my passion! Now let’s start birthing yours!


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