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Chapter Closed!

Posted on: October 21, 2012

Well, I finally did it. I got my stuff and officially moved from Atlanta. I’m no longer a ATL-ien. My Georgia residency has expired. My desire to be a peach has been pitched. Either way you look at it, I have released what I held on to for far too long. It was time to go – been time. I saw my exit and took it. I feel good about this decision to release Atlanta as my residency. It’s causing me to make room for so much more. Atlanta isn’t the only thing I decided to let go of. I’ve also decided to release:

* …the need to be perfect. I’ve had umpteen million people tell me NOT to move to Atlanta. Those same people were more than ready – or will be ready when they find out – to shout “I told you so!” as if I failed. What they don’t realize is that I DIDN’T FAIL!!!! I went to Atlanta and did EXACTLY what I said I was going to do: experience what it would be like to LIVE there. And that’s what I did. Mission complete!

*…the need for other’s approval. I’m done being passive aggressive. I still haven’t found that happy medium on how to tell folks what I need to say without them taking it the wrong way, but at this point I have to look out for me. Pacifying others just to get them to cooperate or get off my back is old, tired, and draining. I’d rather be up front and risk losing an anchor (or even better, the fear of thinking they’re an anchor when they’re really not!) than be tied down to so many people with so many demands.

*…the need to know what comes next before I release. I have NO CLUE where I’m headed to next! It could be Charlotte, Savannah, Italy…I’m about as open as I can be right now. All I know is that before I – or anyone else for that matter – can receive anything new I have to first let go of what I already have and prepare for its arrival. So when it comes to my next location, car, project, or whatever it’s all in the air. I’m just waiting for it to fall within my view.

*…the need to be in a relationship. I can thank Victorious Life Christian Church for this one! I now realize that the man I so desperately wanted to be with (yeah, I admitted it!) was never meant for me. His role was to teach me how to gain control over myself when I do fall in love. He’s still a great man and I wish him all the best, but he’s not the person he was when we first met two years ago and neither am I. We grew apart and sometimes that happens. Yet instead of trying to find someone to immediately fill his spot I think I’ll just double-park there for a while. I need to get myself back on point. Not to attract anyone, but because I love how I feel about myself when I take care of myself – inside and out. So the relationship I’m going to be 100% invested in for a while will be my relationship with me. That’s what God told me to do so that’s what I’m going to do.

Yes, all of this came from one simple move. But here’s the best part. Since I released Atlanta as my residency it has now reclaimed its RIGHTFUL place as my vacation spot! I don’t regret for one second moving there for the time length that I did and if I had the chance to do it over I would. I’d snag more opportunities, but I definitely would still make that move.

Now that I’m free and in transition mode, I’m open to see where my Creator and creativity lead me to next. The next place will have me for a while so instead of trying to figure out where I should go I’m going to let the place find me. It may be through an idea, a dream, a project, a connection…who knows! I’ll know it when it arrives. Until then I’m preparing for it all. This has definitely been an eye-opening experience. One that I am grateful that I had. As I bring this chapter to a close I just want to thank my Higher Power, God, for the laughs, tears, ideas, fun times, people I met, connections I made, lessons I learned, and most importantly for allowing me to become stronger in the end of this chapter than I was in the beginning. I appreciate it all!

Next chapter, here I come!


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