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Eight Hours Overdue

Posted on: December 11, 2012

It’s funny how the adversary tries to attack you when you’re counting your blessings. This has been my case for probably the past 24 hours or so. Well, actually it started last night. I was “being tested” and in the midst of the test instead of focusing on the situation I decided to focus on my future. I was beginning to plan for 2013, but before I started goal setting I decided to acknowledge the goals that I’ve already accomplished.

I am definitely not where I was at the beginning of the year. That in itself is a HUGE blessing! Going through these accomplishments put me in a state of gratitude – like, serious gratitude – and before I knew it the “test” was over.

…but the adversary was far from finished with me.

When I have a spiritual attack I feel it in my sacral chakra area (just below the belly button). That is also where my intuition resides. Anyway, I have been feeling off all night and most of the morning. When I got to work the funniest thing happened. Actually, I’m sure it was Divine intervention, but it was absolutely needed.

After signing in as usual and opening the programs I would need I got an email alert. I NEVER get email alerts! Namely because I rarely ever use my work email. The headline of this alert was “Eight Hours Overdue” and in the text field there was a + sign.

I got this alert at eight this morning.

Then – as if that wasn’t enough to make me giggle – there was no message, no person attached to the alert, or anything. But two things IMMEDIATELY popped out at me. The “Show as:” field said free and right below that the recurrence tab was just above the word “optional” with a circle arrow sign (I call it the give/receive symbol). 

Now in any other mode – or mood I should say – I would dismiss this as a fluke and cancel it out. But this time I felt different. I immediately put a meaning to it. The message was right. I was eight hours overdue on allowing this feeling to reside within  me. I should have shifted back to positive (+) mode when the day started over (at midnight)! Also, it’s free for me to remain in my positive state, but it is also optional. The decision is mine as to how long I allow unsettling feelings to last inside of me.

I set that alert to resurface every two hours for the rest of the day as a reminder to begin the shift from negative to positive. So far, it’s working. But it’s funny how our Higher Power will send us messages that we need to hear, when we need to hear it, and in ways that can easily be recognized. So, yes, I was definitely eight hours overdue from my shift. The process has begun, and hopefully it will continue to strengthen as the day goes on. That moment of gratitude felt GREAT! I love it, but I also know that whenever I focus on the good the adversary tries to knock me off course. It was a close call, but I will never lose my footing with gratitude.

Just something I wanted to share. Okay, time for cake! :o)


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