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Obsessive Love Hurts!

Posted on: March 4, 2013

Procrastination is a mo-fo!

At any rate, I’ve been having this severe internal battle for months. I actually blogged about it a few days ago (read it here). Here’s the thing. As I’ve said so many times I’m naturally Love Centered. Every fiber of my being is moved and motivated by Love. Yet there is a thin, hair-like line between natural Love and obsessive Love.

And I’m not just talking about the Love for a person. I mean Love towards anything. Love of money. Love of power. Love of influence…

My apologies. I had to step out. Now where was I? Oh yeah…

So we all have something – or someone – that we Love with a sick obsession and you know what? It hurts like HELL! That is, it does once you cross the line. Natural Love is comforting, warm, inviting. It gives you an inner peace and joy like nothing else. No matter if it’s near or far, when you have a natural Love for something – or someone – it still brings you joy. You’re accepting of it just the way it is. Nothing needs to be changed or modified to fit your needs, wants, or desires. All is well and all is complete.

Obsessive Love is nothing like natural Love. When you obsess over something – or someone – you cling to it for dear life. You literally begin to feel like nothing else in the Universe matters. There isn’t a moment that goes by that you don’t think about it, talk about it, wonder about it – this is obsession at it’s not-so-finest.

What makes it so bad is that you are not allowing the Love to be natural. There are rules and regulations and standards and qualifications for this type of Love. It has to be near. He has to be tall. She has to be thick. It has to make me look good. The position has to be powerful. They have to be obedient.

Pick! Pick! Pick!

Prod! Prod! Prod!

Obsessive Love seeks out perfection, but it’s always disappointed because nothing is ever perfect enough. Do you know why that is? Because there is no such thing as perfect! It’s a figment of your imagination. That’s why most people who experience obsessive Love are so disappointed. They have this picture perfect vision of whatever they’re obsessing over, yet when the vision never comes to fruition EXACTLY how they pictured it then it hurts.


I’ve experienced obsessive Love more times than I care to count or admit. I’m speaking from experience here. Yet I’ve also experienced natural Love – REAL Love – and I can now identify the difference between the two based on how I feel internally.

Natural Love feels good. Obsessive Love feels stressful.

Natural Love is acceptable as-is. Obsessive Love needs to be shaped and molded.

Natural Love brings about peace. Obsessive Love brings about worry.

Natural Love has a high vibrational frequency. Obsessive Love has a low vibrational frequency.

Natural Love comes naturally. Obsessive Love is applied by force.

Natural Love is of God/Univese/Spirit. Obsessive Love is of idolatry/adversary.

On my quest to return to my natural, Love Centered state, I have decided to consciously release all people, places, ideas, goals, etc. that are charged by obsessive Love. I only want to experience natural Love because it’s the best Love for me. When I feel myself crossing that thin, hair-like line I will stop, assess the situation, and back away with faith and belief that if it’s meant for me it will come naturally. This goes for my career, my finances, my Love life (ESPECIALLY my Love life), my spirituality…all thirteen dimensions of my life will be re-aligned with natural Love. If I can’t Love it naturally then I’ll Love it from afar, but never again will I become so obsessed with something – or someone – that I bring about hurt, pain, stress, anxiety, worry, and fear because I can’t Love it the way I want to Love it. Instead, I’ll Love naturally, lightly, gently…which is even stronger and more powerful than obsessive Love.

I’m loving my journey back to my center. I know I’m supposed to be blogging about writing, creativity, and all that jazz…and I will, soon. But one thing about writing and being creative is you have to remove the blocks that are hindering you. I guess in a way this is me removing my own blocks. Whatever it takes to remove the blockage should be done – so long as it’s legal, moral, and ethical. Just clear it out – and remove any obsessive convulsions you have while you’re at it. It’s a process, but as with anything, you have to start somewhere. Like I always say – everyone has a day one. Let today be the first day of your natural Love-filled – and creative-filled – life!


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