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Are you 100% RESPONSIBLE for YOUR life?! Part I

Posted on: March 5, 2013

I was just listening to my daily (well, nightly – I’m late!) audio for this 21-Day Money Breakthrough Challenge I’m taking. (Yes, I’m a challenge junkie!) Today’s focus is to take 100% responsibility for our lives and the decisions we make. But here’s the caveat that hit me. During the “guided wealth expansion practice” the presenter, Max, asked this question: “Are you subtly hoping someone will come along and save you one day? Because that’s a form of not taking responsibility for your life or success.”


Damn it if he didn’t hit the nail on the head! With that one question this entire blog was developed! Now as you may have noticed, lately I’ve been really focused on Love; real, true, genuine Love. The ups and downs, the different variations, and the feelings it can cause. Now I want to shift to yet another angle: responsible Love.

So, let me ask you the question he just asked: Are you subtly hoping someone will come along and save you one day? Not in a business or financial sense, but in a Love sense? Are you single and itching to be married or in a committed relationship? Are you with someone currently and are lying in wait for them to “come out of their shell” and be the lover you need them to be? Are you waiting for someone to shower you with Love, attention and affection?

If you are…why?

What is it about being Loved by someone else that you need THEIR Love to fulfill you when you should already be FILLED with your own SELF LOVE?! See, here’s the thing. Part of being 100% responsible for your life includes Loving your SELF; not expecting someone else to Love you. It means that you are complete, totally and utterly happy with being WITH yourself, BY yourself. You don’t NEED someone to complete you or to Love you because you complete and Love yourself 100%. You are filled with so much Love that you generously and effortlessly share it with others without even trying.

There are a lot of aspects to being 100% responsible for your life, but – of course – I’m focused on Love. At least in this blog. There will be a Part II to this responsibility blog (it just hit me). No one is obligated to Love you and no one should ever Love you more than you Love yourself; and not in a conceited way, but in a confident, caring, invaluable way. There is no need to be the damsel (or dude – why is there NOT an antonym for damsel?!) in distress. If you Love yourself in a way that is healthy, pure and whole then you will not feel as if you’re not “complete” or “alone” or “lonely.” When you are full of Love and full of life, only then will the RIGHT person come along; someone who will COMPLIMENT you, not complete or complicate you. But this only happens when YOU feel it for YOURSELF FIRST!

Here’s a test to see if you truly are filled with Self Love and are 100% responsible for your Love life. Ask yourself this question: If I were to be single for the rest of my life, would I still be happy and fulfilled? Would I still be openly loving and caring?

Check your answer and then check your feelings. You can trick me. You can trick others. You can’t trick yourself.

I, for one, felt like I was being called out when he asked that question. Generally, I do take responsibility for whatever happens in my life. Even if someone else is the cause of a dire situation I know that it was my choice to let them in, and it’s also my choice if they remain or are dismissed. Yet in the area of love – when I was focused on Obsessive Love – I was never at fault. I was always the “victim” or the “target.” Yet even in these situations I made the decision to stay and play the “victim” or the “target.” I would lie in wait for someone to play the Disney prince and sweep me off my feet. Yeah…it doesn’t work like that. It’s been years since I came to that conclusion, but tonight I got a glimpse of how some lingering “irresponsibility” still resides within me. That’s right! I’m shining a big ol’ light on that bad boy so I can eradicate it! It’s all part of my return to being Love Centered.

Now what about you? Can you honestly say that you Love yourself fully and completely? Or are you, in a sense, waiting for someone to come save you? I can’t tell you what to do, but I will tell you this: It’s smarter, easier and faster to simply save yourself by simply Loving yourself. Everything else is a blessing!


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