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Are you 100% RESPONSIBLE for YOUR life?! Part II

Posted on: March 5, 2013

Okay, now that we discussed being responsible in Love, let’s talk about being responsible in life!

Just how responsible are you in the other areas of your life? How’s your health? When was the last time you had a full check-up from your doctor and dentist? What about your job? Do you love what you do, or are you dragging yourself to your “prison,” trading your invaluable time for a few trinkets? Are you sociable, or do you hole up inside your place of residence, stuck in front of the television, watching mind-numbing not-so-entertain-ment just to forget the day you had at “prison?”

And let’s dig a little deeper…into your pockets. Yes, I’m going there! How is your financial health? Are you where you want to be? Do you feel like you are being paid what you are worth? How many streams of income can you rightfully depend on? And what about something far more valuable – like your Spirituality (not Religion; that’s different!)? Are you connected to your Source? Are you connected to ANY Source? Do you feel as if you’re here for a reason, or are you simply a byproduct of your parents bumping sheets? (My apologies for the visual!)

The level of satisfaction you have in your life is a direct correlation to the level of responsibility you take for your life. The more satisfied you are and the more at peace you are (not happiness – even 100% responsible people get pissed off!) shows just how much control you have over your life. Now I just touched on the main areas that anyone can relate to, yet I’m sure there are more personal areas you can add and examine. I, for one, have thirteen different dimensions of my life: Spiritual, personal, visual, professional, financial, intellectual, romantic, emotional, sexual, mental, social, physical and parental. So that’s a lot to consider when calculating my rate of responsibility. I will admit that I am not 100% there – check my confession – but I am over the 80% mark which is a HUGE change from even five years ago when I was barely at 40%! It’s a work in progress, but every day I’m getting better.

I will also say this in regards to being creative and writing: the more responsible you are at handling your life, the more time you can create to focus on your craft. This can go for any creative endeavor: artist, photographer, musician, etc. No matter what you do in life, you can always tell how responsible you are by the results you see before you.

You can also tell how responsible you are by the list of people you blame for your results. The more people on your list, the more control THEY have over YOUR life! Yes, they are controlling you because you are basically saying they have the power to “break your heart” or “keep you broke” or “stop you from fulfilling your dreams.” You are putting YOUR life in THEIR hands every single time you blame them and play “victim.” Which means you are not responsible for your life…they are. Does that sound appealing to you? I know I don’t want anyone else responsible for my life but myself and my Higher Power. Therefore, I keep the blaming, naming, and finger-pointing to a minimum.

Remember that the next time you start to fix your lips to blame someone else or something else for what has occurred in your life. Why put the responsibility of your life in their hands? Take back your life by taking full responsibility for every area of your life. And if nothing else always keep in mind that for every finger you point at someone/something else there are THREE POINTING RIGHT BACK AT YOU!


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