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(Un)Conditional Love

Posted on: March 6, 2013

I Love you, but…

I Love you, if…

I Love you, it’s just that…

Before I delve into this topic let me ask you a question.

What is your definition of Unconditional Love?

*awaits response*

Hmm. Interesting. While there may be a grain of truth in your definition, let me share with you how it was explained to me. Unconditional Love is just that…UNCONDITIONAL. There are not ifs, buts, it’s just that, now if only…nothing comes after the expression of Love except Love itself. While we all may – or may not – be striving to truly be able to Love Unconditionally we all have conditions attached to the recipient of our Love.

Remember, you can fool me…you can fool others…you CANNOT fool yourself!

We Love those that honor us. We Love those that support us. We Love those that feed us. (I know I certainly do!) When others make us feel good, give us recognition, and acknowledge our presence it is easy to Love them in return.

But what about the “others?”

You know, the ones that hurt, lie to, betray, harm, steal from, destroy, berate, belittle, and/or demean us? What about the first person that broke your heart? What about the parent that never praised you for your talents? What about the teacher that gave you the failing grade that caused you to miss the party of the year?

What about the person who brought sickness unto you?

What about the stranger who violated your body?

What about the thief who stole your money, your possessions, and your peace of mind?

What about the parishioner who told you your sins were certainly going to send you to hell?

What about the murderers? Rapists? Drug dealers?

Ooh…here’s a biggie…child molesters?!

Yeah…try finding Love in that list!

Well, as much as you and I HATE to admit it, there is LOVE there. It’s all in how you perceive it.

See, here’s where people get it twisted – and I’m going to say this now before someone curses me out about the molester suggestion. Just because you have Unconditional Love for someone or something does not mean you accept or respect it. Unconditional Love is simply accepting someone or something for what it is; knowing that it is perfectly designed that way for a reason. Will we always know that reason?! Hell no! And maybe it’s not for us to know. Maybe the negative exists in order to make us appreciate the positive. Maybe it exists to show us that we’re not Loving enough. Maybe it exists because we LET it exists!

Let that last one marinate…

And you know why we let these things – these murderers, rapists, molesters, thieves – exists? Because we’re so focused on HATING them instead of LOVING them. Do you know you cannot fight fire with fire?! You’ll only get more fire! You cannot fight violence with violence! You’ll only get more violence! You cannot fight hate with hate! You’ll only get more…exactly…hate!

You beat fire with water!

You beat violence with understanding!

You beat hate with Love!

And not just any Love…but UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! The kind of Love that surpasses all understanding. The kind of Love that will make even the most evil person weep in joy. Hate is just the absence of Love. Conditions are the absence of understanding. When you make the effort to understand someone, you’ll find they are not a hateful person…they are just expressing their absence of Love. When you give them that Love it erases the hateful behavior. When the hateful behavior is gone the conditions are gone. When the conditions are gone you have Unconditional Love.

That is how you beat hate.

That is how you beat despair.

That is how you beat creative blockages.

That is how you beat jealousy.

That is how you beat envy.

That is how you beat hunger.

That is how you beat government control.

That is how you beat misunderstanding.

That is how you beat murderers, rapists, thieves and molesters!

That is how you cure any ailment!


And I stand by that 1,000%!


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