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Love WHO you are…WHERE you are…right HERE…right NOW!

Posted on: March 9, 2013

I’m on my way out to Love and live life, but this struck a chord with me so I had to share!

In my journey and conscious decision to return to my natural Love Center a lot of things have untangled and unraveled in my life…in a good way. Thoughts, beliefs and “rules” that I thought were true turned out to be not for me. One of these is the belief that in order to be happy and fulfilled I need to put all of my focus and energy into creating the future. This is only a half-truth. Yes, one needs to put in time and energy into designing and manifesting the future they want to experience, but that’s only half the story.

The other half has to happen right here, right now, in the present.

You see, if you spend all your days fantasizing, focusing on, and stressing your future you will miss the pure joy of being in the moment TODAY! Because it’s the moments that you create TODAY that help to build your TOMORROW! There is no way you can have the tomorrow you want if you’re living in tomorrow because in order to have your tomorrow you have to put in the effort today.

Did you catch that? Good!

Now allow me to dispel some future-hindering beliefs for you:

You are where you’re supposed to be…TODAY!

You are who you’re supposed to be…TODAY!

You have what you’re supposed to have…TODAY!

You know what you need to know…TODAY!

You life is as it should be…TODAY!

Only when you recognize and accept this will you be able to formulate your tomorrow. Stop living in the future because your LIFE is happening NOW! It’s always been NOW and it will always be NOW! It will never be LATER! This is not the candy, people! This is real! This is raw! This is un-rehearsed, live action, do-or-die! If you can’t be a good steward of your life right HERE, right NOW…how will you or your Higher Power know you’ll be a better steward when your later becomes your NOW?

Today is the future of yesterday. Tomorrow is the future today. So in a sense you’re already living IN your future, but you’re still worried about future futures. Enjoy life and Love every single moment of it TODAY! By just making this once commitment to yourself you will automatically shift from stressing about how your future will be to creating how you want it to be…simply…by living…TODAY!

Now get OFF the computer and INTO the world! Live, Laugh and Love TODAY! It’ll make for a happier, brighter tomorrow!


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