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Posted on: March 22, 2013

Confession: I have not been following my own guidance.

*deep breath*

Wow! That was kind of hard to admit.

Okay, so here’s the thing. I hold a lot – and I do mean A LOT – of titles. I’m a writer, writing coach, healthcare CSR, network marketer, entrepreneur, motivator, grad student, volunteer secretary – and that doesn’t even include mother, daughter, sister, etc. I do it all and I do it without breaking a sweat. So what insane person would consciously CHOOSE to do all of these activities all at once?!

Well, me! DUH!

But here’s the catalyst: I do these things to appease other people. Outside of writing and motivating, everything else on the list is done to either help, please, or honor someone else. Or I’m doing it for money. Most of them started off as a project for me, but somewhere down the line it became about not wanting to let anyone else down, not being able to say no, or just simply because I was using it as a distraction from another issue.

This past week I’ve had a BURNING DESIRE to trash everything I own/have and completely START OVER! My logic is that if I haven’t handled or completed it by now then it’s either a) not that important, b) not for me to complete, c) already completed and just taking up space, or d) will never get completed. I’m talking about papers, emails, binders full of undergrad work; so much stuff is consuming me in this tiny space of mine – and it’s not even directly my space – and it’s suffocating me! I need to clean up and clean out! I do this every quarter anyway, so I’m sure my internal alarm is telling me it’s time to release.

Here’s my point. All of this “stuff” I’m holding on to is or was because of someone else. None of it is 100% about me. Now this isn’t to say that I dislike ANY of my roles! I love everything that I do. I just need to know that I’m still doing it for ME! Selfish? Maybe. But if I can’t take care of my SELF, how can I properly encourage and motivate you?!

I am unhappy with all of these hats. They don’t feel authentic or genuine anymore. They’ve become more of a chore or a requirement than anything else and that makes me not want to do any of them at all. Instead, it makes me want to dismiss everything and start yet another path. But I’m tired of starting new paths. Yes, it’s the “in” thing to be a trailblazer, but do you know what that really means? You’re the one in the front CREATING the PATH! You are the one that faces the danger, cuts down the brush, and gets cut up FIRST! I’ve already blazed my trail. Somehow, I got pulled into another direction. It’s time for me to get back on my own path.

And where is my path? It’s in my Love Center. I started every task I named out of my Love for it. I didn’t start for a profit. I didn’t start for recognition. I didn’t start because I was pressured or punked into doing it. I started because they genuinely made me happy and got me excited! Some of them still do! And I feel that when I return to my Love center I’ll return to the true reason swhy I got started. I’ll also know if I need to keep going or if the purpose has been fulfilled and it’s time to let it go.

*enter rejuve-cation*

Starting tomorrow at 3PM EST I will begin my 24-hour rejuve-cation (that’s a rejuvenating vacation). During this time I’m going to relax, meditate, and return to my center. I’m not going to search for answers or think things out. In the process of rejuvenating, the answers I need will come to me. From there, I will act accordingly. This is another habit I created not too long ago. I do a lot of things in quarters. It keeps me – and my year – balanced, which is something I struggled with for a long time. (Yet another confession!)

As I prepare for my rejuve-cation I want to leave this with you. Regardless of if you’re wearing one hat or 100, make sure you’re wearing them for the right reasons, you’re committed to them 100%, and you’re wearing them for YOU! If you question, even for a second, if any of those statements are true then you’re out of alignment. Return to your rightful center and you will know what’s right, what’s not, and what you need to do about it. No need to stress it – let nature take its course and fix it…well…naturally.


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