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Life Lessons: What I Learned in the 2nd Quarter

Posted on: June 30, 2013

Today is June 30th which marks the end of the second quarter – both fiscally and yearly. For the past couple of years I’ve sectioned off the year into quarters to help me focus better on personal and professional goals. I found this to be a lot easier and less stressful when it comes to achieving my goals. These past three months, as they always do, have taught me a lot about life, love, and loyalty. Here’s a general breakdown of what some of those lessons are.


  • Life – I (and in your case, you) will only dedicate myself to a task that benefits my target career – writing and publishing. Anything else, regardless of how much money can be made, will not have the excitement factor to keep me focused. I tried to participate in a network marketing group. It was a great group and I learned a lot. However, I’ve always said that network marketing is NOT for me! I’m a writer and a publisher. I’m also a coach and a motivator. I don’t care about up lines, down lines, cycles, etc. It doesn’t do anything for me. If anything, it makes being a business owner more confusing. Now there is one network marketing company I will remain a part of, but that’s because I absolutely LOVE to travel and see a benefit whether I sell the service or not! Outside of that, I’m good with MLM/network marketing. It’s a great occupation for someone who LIVES it…that someone, however, is just not me.
  • Love – In conjunction with what I stated above, you also have to LOVE what you do to the point it will push you when it’s the LAST THING you WANT to do! We all have our special passions that bring us great joy, but even those passions can become a bit, well, overwhelming if we consume them in great quantities. Especially if we’re trying to turn that passion into a career. My overall passion is writing fictional stories. When I get in my zone I can stay there for HOURS! Yet as much as I love writing, I don’t want to do it every second of the day. That’s why I incorporated publishing into my career. It gives me something else to focus on that will not only benefit my writing career, but will give me a break from it at the same time. By doing this I’m able to preserve my love for writing and turn it into a career while also protect myself from loathing it.
  • Loyalty – To be successful you have to be loyal – to yourself and your career. Side gigs are okay; after all, every single millionaire (plus) on the planet has more than one income stream. Yet your loyalty has to reside within your particular passion or field. If, for example, your passion is for animals why in the world would you sell skin cream? If your passion is for music what good is it doing you to sit in a cubicle taking calls all day about satellite service? Do you see where I’m going here? My passion, my loyalty, belongs to the literary arts. I’m a writer. I’m a publisher. I use my words to reach others like musicians use music to reach their fans. Some of the jobs I’ve been doing are not in alignment with that. I recognize it. I accept it. I have a plan to fix it. My success begins where the disloyalty ends.


  • Life – I’m still trying to get this one right! LOL! I get my life should be lived for me – and I tell people that all the time – yet I still find it hard to do things without the permission or approval of others. I’m not talking about major issues such as going to school for my MBA or raising my children. I mean simple things such as how I spend my birthday, going to a concert or movie on my own, or what my seasonal style will be. I’m so supportive of others in my soon-to-be-shrinking circle, yet I have to twist myself into a daggone pretzel to get that same support back. And when I act in accordance with what I desire and omit their opinions, well, now we have a problem! Basically, what I’ve learned is that my life can only be lived BY me, FOR me, and even if it feels uncomfortable I have to learn to do my own thing whether or not anyone else likes it. I refuse to be the example of the person lying in their death bed with the should’ve/could’ve/would’ve syndrome.
  • Love – I hate being single! There, I said it! Yet I’d rather be with no one than be with the wrong one. For some reason guys seem to think I’m “thirsty” or “desperate” for their affection. I like male company, but I know what I want – and don’t – and those rules are not going to be bent because some guy is determined to have the upper hand. That’s a maturity level I’ve far surpassed and backtracking is not going to get me the man I deserve. Besides, I’m love centered. I know how to refuel when I start feeling loveless…MUSIC!!! Good ol’ love songs from the 90’s always bring be back up to speed. It’ll be that energy that will attract the man I’m supposed to be with. Until then, I’ll just spread the overflowing amount of love that I have onto myself, my children, and everyone I come in contact with -online and offline.
  • Loyalty – Loyalty, much like Love, is an ACTION word. Even as a wordsmith I know that action far surpasses anything in the written form. I have been shown that a lot of things – and people – in my life are not as loyal to me as I thought they were. You can determine loyalty by action as well as inaction. It’s not just about what someone or something does, it’s also what they DON’T DO that shows you their level of loyalty. I’m not mad…bitter…or even shocked honestly. I’ve just become a mirror. If they don’t like the reflection, it’s on them, not me.

What a quarter this has been! Tomorrow marks the beginning of another leg in my journey. A lot of shifting will take place in the third quarter. I’m not sure where I’ll end up personally or professionally, but I know there’s been a consistent acceleration in my life. With every fiber of my being I plan to keep it that way. I also came up with a great saying (I even posted it on Facebook) as a gentle reminder so I won’t be so hard on myself:

“You don’t necessarily  have to let go to receive more. Sometimes you have to let go just to let go.” ~ Diamond Cartel

With that being said, I hope this blog has touched you in some way, given you a light in your perceived darkness, or validated a decision you’ve made about your own life. Enjoy this last day of the quarter and make the next one the BEST ONE YET! I know I will!!!


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