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Bumper Sticker Brilliance

Posted on: August 17, 2013

“I do not intend to tiptoe though life only to arrive safely at death.”

I saw this bumper sticker on someone’s car on my way to regional training today in Dayton, Ohio. It was yet another confirmation that the recent changes happening in my life are leading me in the right direction. But first…a little back story.

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but let me try to catch you up to speed in six words. I analyzed. I prioritized. I sanitized. To get the full significance of this phrase you might want to watch my APS video, then you’ll understand why I’ve decided to do a complete 180 (not a 360, that just takes you back to where you are) in my life and make some tough decisions. Bottom line, very little that I’m doing now is in alignment with the vision of my life, and the few things that are in alignment are not getting the attention they deserve. So, yeah…I fixed that.

Back to the story…

I’m a representative of the world’s BEST travel club, World Ventures!!! We had a regional training today that was AWESOME!!! I learned so much about the business – and about myself – that I’m ready to go all in with it! You see, everything in life is handled in the same manner. When problems or difficulties arise you have two choices: fix it or accept it. There is no other option. Looking back on the past year of my life since my return to Ohio, there have been a lot of areas in which I’ve experienced major growth. I healed completely from my car accident. I purchased a car outright. I’ve cleared out ALL of my consumer debt. I’ve started two more streams of income. I’ve clarified my vision and created a plan that will lead me to my intended destination. These are all great accomplishments that I absolutely recognize and appreciate every day!

And then there’s the flip side.

Oh, you thought I was going to talk about it? Now why would I do that?! Don’t I always tell you that what you focus on expands and instead of looking at the problem you should search for a solution?! Well, of course I follow my own advise! I wouldn’t teach you to do something I don’t do! So, with that being said, I decided that some results were not in my best interest and I needed to rectify that. Plans have been adjusted. Goals have been added. Decisions have been made. As of this very moment I am letting go of every single, solitary excuse as to why I have to/need to/must do X, Y, and Z simply because the “average person” does it.

Now there’s nothing wrong with being average. There’s everything wrong with not being who I am. I am anything BUT average; from my walk, to my talk, to my extra-loud voice that carries its own vibrational energy! I am too big Spiritually to play small any longer, but I’m playing small because I hurt. I hurt because I’m uncomfortable. I’m uncomfortable because I won’t let myself grow. I won’t let myself grow because I’m scared. I’m scared because I’m too big Spiritually to play small any longer.

Do you see where this is going?!

So I made a decision to do several things differently.

1) I’m turning in my resignation at my j.o.b. on August 30th (if we’re not laid off by then).

2) I’m giving my coaching and writing the attention it needs to grow.

3) I’ve enrolled my kids into virtual schooling this year so I can teach them first hand some real world education.

4) I’m going all in with World Ventures and plan to build the company – and myself – as far as it’ll go.

5) I’m sacrificing the next 11 months to get to my intended coaching and World Ventures goals. I want to meet these goals by June 16th, 2014 – exactly five years since I had my stroke.

6) I’m living for ME!

This is much deeper than I’m revealing, but some things are strictly between myself and my Higher Power. What I want YOU to get out of this is that playing it “safe” will not get you anywhere! We were not put on this earth to play it safe! We were put here to experience, not just exist! We were put here to thrive, not just survive! We were put here to do so much more than we allow ourselves to do! What better time than NOW to do what your heart truly desires?!

Let that bumper sticker be a lesson to you. Don’t tiptoe your way through life…march through that sucker and let your presence be known!


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