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Posted on: January 2, 2014


That is the word of the year.

Okay, so I decided to wait until all the fuss calmed down from New Year’s Day. Too many people were drunk either from alcohol, ambition, or a combination of the two. Now that we’re 24+ hours into 2014 it’s time to get down to business. Yes, it’s Thursday, but who said you had to wait in order to get things moving?

I ended my old year and began the new year in our traditional family way. We (my children and I…and our kittens) prayed out 2013 and prayed in 2014. We gave thanks for the growth, lessons, blessings, trials, tests and testimonies we endured during the year. We began 2014 with the INTENTION of becoming bigger, better and stronger than we were the year before. Then we ate cake (to represent having a “sweet” year), listened to music and laughed for the better part of the first hour (to represent happiness for the year).

Now that we’ve gotten used to that “New Year smell” it’s time to put those goals into action. I have mine set along with most of their rewards and consequences. Currently I’m working on my first quarter goals which lead up to accomplishing the year-end goals. It’s only the second day, but I think I’m off to a great start! Why? Because I wake up with the INTENTION (notice the theme here) to do something every single day to work on my goals. It can be as complex as creating a coaching package for a potential client, or as simple as meditating for a few minutes to visualize my next step. The point is to keep the goal front and center, active and alive. That’s the key to actualizing your goal.

Allow me to share one of my goals with you.

*Do something nice for myself on the 17th of each month.*

This goal falls under the “Personal” category. My birthday is June 17th and although I treat myself well around that time (from May 21st to June 30th) that leaves the remainder of the year where I’ve become conditioned to neglecting myself for the sake of others. The INTENTION behind this goal is to acknowledge my Self, my life, and my existence for at least one day a month. The treats will be various and are based on whatever I’ll want at the time. If it’s a Blizzard (R) from Dairy Queen then that’s what I’ll get. If it’s a diamond ring then that’s what I’ll get. The “treat” isn’t the focus – acknowledging that I’m a special Spiritual being doing well on earth is the focus. I am known for giving my all until I feel completely depleted. This is my way of shifting my focus from helping others to just being me for 24-hours. My reward is the treat in itself. My consequence is that I’ll have to give twice what I would have given myself to someone else. While that doesn’t seem like a bad thing, knowing that there is another full month until I can have my personal day again is enough to keep me accountable for sticking with my special day.

That’s what I mean by setting an INTENTION. You have to know WHAT you’re going for and WHY you’re going for it. The process is important, but the INTENTION is MORE important. That’s your “generator” so to speak when you feel burnt out and unmotivated to move ahead. Your INTENTION also has to be CLEAR! You can’t just say you want to make more money this year. You have to say EXACTLY how much more and WHY you need it. For example: I want to make an extra $2,500 per month so I can pay down my student loans faster…I want to quit smoking so I can run my daughter’s first 5K with her…I want to learn to be a better cook so I can stop going out to eat so much and save $1,000 to buy a new summer wardrobe. That’s how you set CLEAR INTENTIONS.

I’m not sure what your 2014 is about. Maybe it’s LEVERAGE. Maybe it’s INCOME. Maybe it’s HEALTH. Maybe it’s LOVE (that is my second word of the year!). Maybe it’s HEALING. Whatever your word of the year may be, make sure you have a CLEAR, CONCISE INTENTION behind it, a strong WHY, and your rewards AND consequences in place. The more you set yourself up for SUCCESS, the greater your chances are at seeing your word manifest itself tenfold in 2014.

It’s your time! It’s your year! Make it INTENTIONAL!


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