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I Am Ready for (Self) Love!

Posted on: February 23, 2014

Hey Rockstars!

I know I haven’t posted on here in a while, but this is something that I have to share! I have been going through some things lately and somehow managed to completely neglect myself. We all have moments when we forego and forget about our own needs. I’m not blaming anyone – I take full responsibility for where I am – but just as I stated earlier in my social media post I’m also taking full responsibility for my happiness. With that being said, I’d like to introduce you to my latest and GREATEST challenge! (And you know how much I LOVE a challenge!) It’s called:

The 12 days of Self-Love Challenge

It was inspired by the following photo:


My BFF posted this on her social media wall during a time when I was feeling some type of way. It resonated with me so much that I decided to dedicate the next twelve days to refueling my own levels of Self-Love. The challenge will go like this. For each day I will focus on the respective advice listed on the image above. For example, on the first day I will focus on my inner feelings and how certain situations affect me. If it results in anxiety, nervousness, or any other negative feeling then I need to either cancel it, avoid it, or address it. The second day I’ll focus on clear communication by saying “EXACTLY” what I mean…just as the image states. The third day I’ll focus on making decisions and ensuring it’s not based on making someone else happy. And so on…and so on…and Scooby Dooby Doo! At the end of the challenge I’ll celebrate by doing something big and spontaneous to celebrate me and all of my FAN-FRICKIN-FABULOUS, AWESOME, AMAZING ROCKSTARR GLORY!!! LOL!

I’ll also write a blog post for each corresponding day. I’ll discuss what the day means to me, how I can make improvements, and will give advise that may be beneficial to you as well. As always my posts are open for comments. I love having dialogue with my readers. It makes these posts have so much more flavor! Mmm…tasty! LOL!

Feel free to join me on my quest for Self-Love refueling! For me, the challenge begins tomorrow, 2/24 and runs through next Friday, 3/4. Then there will be an over-the-top celebration will be Saturday, 3/5. Even if you come across this blog after it starts I encourage you to do your own 12 Days of Self-Love challenge! It’s never too late to love on yourself a little more. Chances are, if you came across this blog then you should assess your own levels of Self-Love just to ensure you are well within you. This is something that definitely came into my life at the right time. In fact, not only will I spend the next twelve days taking care of me, I plan on making this a quarterly ritual!

Day one begins tomorrow, so gear up to spoil yourself internally and externally! It’s sporadic, unplanned, and impromptu, but sometimes the most transformative changes in life aren’t planned. That’s been proven to me over and over again! I do hope you join me on my Self-Love re-boosting journey! It’ll be a hoot!



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