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Self-Love Challenge – Day One: If It Feels Wrong, Don’t Do It!

Posted on: February 25, 2014

Today was the first day of my Self-Love Challenge and I must say that it went quite well. In fact, I had my first taste of conquering today’s message within the first hour of the day. It’s funny how when I set my mind to a challenge the obstacles seem to find their way to me. Normally, I’d prefer to dodge them, but the purpose of this challenge is to learn how to Love myself while facing them. So I took this one square on…and won!

What I learned from this lesson is that sometimes we need to face what feels wrong to us. It’s not just about not doing it. It’s about knowing why it shouldn’t be done in the first place. In my case, what felt wrong was me harboring my feelings. It was wrong for me to keep them to myself because if I did then it would have turned into a toxic mess. So I didn’t keep them in. I laid it all out on the table and now everything’s better because of it.

So there’s different ways to interpret how to handle what feels wrong. You can avoid it, distract it, cancel it, change it, move it, dissolve it, or completely eliminate it. Or you can face it, address it, work it out, talk it out, and resolve it. Sometimes it’s wrong to do something. In my case, it would have been wrong NOT to do something. Whatever the scenario may be, your actions should reflect what you feel is right for you.

Tomorrow’s Focus:

Say “exactly” what you mean!

This will be interesting! Make sure your words – and messages – are coming across just as you intended. There’s nothing worse than a misinterpreted message. I’ll check in tomorrow night with my results of the day. Until then, congratulations on completing the first day of the Self-Love Challenge. Give yourself a hug…you deserve it!


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