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Self-Love Challenge – Day 4: Trust Your Instincts

Posted on: February 28, 2014

What are instincts? It’s the feeling you get when you know a certain action needs to take place in your life. We all have natural instincts and because we deal with them every day they seem to be second nature to us. Some people confuse instincts with intuition. They’re different, but they work together. Intuition is more of a feeling – knowing the outcome of a particular situation or event. Instincts can guide you through this intuitive feeling. Today’s focus was to trust my instincts and ACT on what I FELT!

…and that I did!

And you know what? It felt good to listen to myself and take action on matters that I would have otherwise disregarded. Because I trusted my instincts and acted on what I intuitively felt I was able to save myself time, money…and possibly my life! We instinctively know when danger is near…or when something is wrong…or when feelings need to be expressed, and it’s up to us to act on those instincts. I was met with all three scenarios today and in all three I acted accordingly.

I must say this Self-Love challenge is really teaching me how to love myself on a totally different level. These small – yet significant – moments have taught me that Self-Love is something you can’t purchase in a store, order from a catalog, or expect in a box. It’s how you TREAT yourself on a DAILY BASIS! It’s how you carry yourself. It’s how you listen to yourself. It’s how you protect yourself…from yourself. There are so many levels to Self-Love and I’m only beginning to scratch the surface. Even with the few things I’ve discovered so far I can tell a major difference in my inner and outer world. This challenge is definitely making me a better person.

Tomorrow’s focus: Never speak bad about yourself. AKA Always speak good about yourself!

I had to flip it to reflect something positive. I do my best to stay away from “poison words” so the next few days will be flipped slightly to represent the silver lining instead of the dark cloud.

Now, for tomorrow I want to propose a challenge on top of a challenge. For every hour that you’re awake I want you to verbally, out loud, say something POSITIVE ABOUT YOURSELF…TO YOURSELF!!! The more you do this, the more it engrains itself into your subconscious mind…and the more you believe it. And when you BELIEVE it, you ACHEIVE it! So let’s do some mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation tomorrow and begin to SPEAK better into our lives! I’m up for the extra challenge! Are you?


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