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About The Rockstarr

This blog started out as an avenue to reach other writers and literary artists. I wanted to motivate and inspire them, not only in their writing, but in every area of their lives.

…and then, something happened!

The blog took on a life of it’s own. It became a journal of my thoughts on what it’s like to be, well, me! Yet it also showed me that a lot of my trials and issues are shared with others. I’m not alone is this big, vast, insane world! I started out motivating others. I ended up motivating me. In turn, that also helped to motivate others even more.

A cycle has been born!

So as I continue throughout my journey I hope that my thoughts, moments of clarity, and epiphany based quips do more than make you smile. I hope they make you jump up, scream, “You damn right!” (or something to that effect), and give you the energetic boost needed to get over that hump!

No need to thank me. It’s what I do!

~Rockstarr~ Over & Out

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3 Responses to "About The Rockstarr"

You have motivated me to write. See…I knew you would be a coach one day. Way to go!

I aspire to write a novel one day, even though my main focus is journalism specifcally feature writing, but I’m constantly working on my writing skills. This blog is inspires me to continue on as I try to find my professional self in this world.

Great inspiration. Writing is such a daunting task at times, good to have someone helping the writer along.

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